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What do we offer?

Promo @ Exhibitions

We offer the perfect solution for attracting visitors to your company booth at any exhibition worldwide.


Our unique and personal magic shows make sure that all eyes are focused on your product at the exhibition and that your visitors will have a memorable experience. Hence, they will not forget your product or your company.


Our service combines sales, hospitality and magic in order to ensure that the visitors will have a pleasant experience while stopping by your booth.



Entertainment @ Business events

We offer the type of subtle and genuinely enjoyable magical entertainment that will make every business event a success among your guests.


Whether it is a sit-down or a walking dinner,  cocktail party, after-work, launch party or a business anniversary celebration, it is the perfect occasion to let the magican walk around among the guests while performing personal one-to-one magic tricks in between the mingling.


This magical entertainment will bring smiles and astonishment to your guests, no matter the age groups or nationalities present.


A general theme can be implemented in the tricks in order to bring forward the focus point of the event into the entertainment.


In short, we would like to accommodate your wishes in order to make each event fully customized, making way for a unique experience.

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