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The Magician


Theo Okoto is the magician behind The Slide of Hand Entertainment.


He is born in Amsterdam, the Netherlands, and has given hundreds of magic shows, on both a national and international level.


His unique way of bringing people together combined with his skilled magic tricks will make way for plenty of positive experiences at your event.


Furthermore, Theo can customized the tricks according to a theme, slogan, product features or vision, as just a few examples.

Your visitors will be perplexed when witnessing tricks that seem impossible, but will have no choice other than to believe their eyes.


We hereby proudly present your secret weapon, Theo Okoto, magician of The Slide of Hand.

Why The Slide of Hand?


We believe that hospitality is the number one key to success.


The Slide of Hand is able to combine hospitality, sales and magic and does everything to optimize the guest experience at your event.


We are sincerely interested in your company and product and do our utmost best to emphasize the most important aspects of your choice in the magic tricks.


The Slide of Hand offers a unique product that is guaranteed to work. You will never have to worry about the promotional activities at an exhibition, or about lack of entertainment during a mingle, because from now on you will always have a joker on hand.

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