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The booth magnet – how does it work?

How does your secret weapon actually work?

Pens, note pads, mints, coffee, etc. are all nice promotional articles, but are all not unique enough at an exhibition. With time, it gets harder to come up with new and original ideas to attract people to your booth.


A deck of cards with accompanied by an experience will be distinguished uniquely in a bag full of promotional giveaways that the visitors will take home with them.


Magic has a social effect and the word will spread rapidly during an exhibition. People will look for your booth to get to witness the magic tricks in person, and they will also speak enthusiastically of your company and their experiences at your booth.


During the exhibition shows, we awaken curiosity, astonishment and enthusiasm in the visitors, as it is a human reaction to pay extra attention when seeing something that seems impossible.


This opportunity allows The Slide of Hand to bring your company forward in the show, which in turn allows us to ensure that each visitor will come home after a long day at the exhibition definitely remembering one thing: the story of your company and your product.


Our entertainment is of high quality and completely focused on your company. In this way, your company will highly differentiate itself from other companies attending the exhibition.


If you are looking for a refreshing, unique and highly successful solution, we offer the perfect package.


Please view the video clips on our website to see what The Slide of Hand has done for companies at previous exhibitions worldwide.


What is needed?


We understand very well what your company wants to accomplish on a day at an exhibition – inform people of your product and your company, network with visitors and potential leads and make people remember you. The Slide of Hand is the solution for a successful day at your booth.


The Slide of Hand can make sure that your product, your goal and your story will all be brought forward during the exhibition, simply by using a deck of cards with your company logo on the back side. These decks can be ordered online and will ensure that your visitors will be continuously reminded of your company and the unique experience they had at your booth. The size of your booth is insignificant; we will make it an experience for everyone to remember.

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